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We guarantee that the Instant Issue bonds purchased through are at the lowest price that the coverage can be obtained for. How do we do this ?, before pricing a product we research the market, the product is then priced accordingly by our carriers. If you should happen to find a bond for less after you purchase from we will refund you the difference. Our lowest price guarantee is subject to the following:
  • Lowest Price Guarantee is for Instant Issue Bonds only, these products are clearly identified.
  • The lower priced bond must provide identical coverage in amount and term of coverage, indemnity and application.
  • The lower priced bond must have been available when you secured your coverage through
  • The lower priced bond must be available over the Internet.
  • You must submit your claim via certified U.S. mail to our home office with evidence and pricing of the lower priced bond within 6 months of the original issue date of the issuance.