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"Fast Track" Contractors Bonds up to $100,000.00 eliminates the lengthy and time consuming application process that has always been associated with obtaining Contractors Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds through its "Fast Track" bond program. This program is based on the underwriting information contained in the on-line application and the credit history of the applicants. If the applicants have a clear credit history, manageable debt and the bond applied for does not present unusual risk, the bond can be issued the same day that we receive the final paperwork and payment. Fast Track bonds are not Instant Issue Bonds. Upon e-submission the bonds are underwritten the same day. You will be notified of approval or declination by e-mail within 24 hours.

Want to go to the "Fast Track" application click here: Fast Track Application

PLEASE NOTE: If the bond amount applied for is over $50,000.00 but less than $100,000.00 we will also require the following information:
  • Personal Financial Statement for all owners
  • Information regarding the three largest projects completed by the applicant.
  • Business Financial Statement (recent year end) if accountant prepared statement is not available we will accept an in-house prepared statement with the latest tax return.
Don't worry about the additional information noted above now, get going and submit your Fast Track Application, we will e-mail/mail you any additional information required and any forms that are necessary. We're good like that!